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Supply of “green transport solutions” exceed requirements from customers

Supply of “green transport solutions” from forwarding agents exceeds require-ments from freight customers on using such freight services. Use of rail or sea transport for long distance freight is the most frequent requirement and offer in contract of carriage between forwarding agents and customers.

More than 40 % of the forwarding agents offer sea- or rail services on long distances, while around 16 % of the customers require use of such transport solutions. Supply of sea and rail transport is offered for 80 % of the freight for-warders turnover, while the customers only request sea and rail transport for 39 % of the turnover.

Emission calculator or analysis of emissions from the freight services is offered for 58 % of the forwarders turnover but when it comes to requirements from customers it is only associated to 9 % of the turnover. Focus from buyers of freight transport services is that the freight forwarding agents should be ISO 14 001 certified. The requirement from customers contends for 49 % of turnover while the offer from forwarding agents is 28 %.

The most important activity for the forwarding agents is long haul transport with 60 % of total turnover in 2007. In 2015 the forwarding agents anticipate increased importance for services connected to distribution and warehousing.
In 2007 there was in average claims on 1.1 % of the shipments. Damage on goods was the most important reason for claims (almost 60 % of turnover), but also deficit (23 %) and delay (13 %) are substantial reasons.

The study is accomplished on commission from the Norwegian Logistics and Freight Association (LTL) supported by the SMARTRANS- programme in The Research Council of Norway.

The logistic and forwarding industry - Development and supply of services. TØI-rapport 1019/2009. Av Olav Eidhammer og Jardar Andersen


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