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Efficient and climate-friendly urban transport systems

The objective that all growth in transport demand in cities should be met by public transport, cycling and walking, and that there should be zero growth in car traffic volumes, leads to new demands on the knowledge and practice of planners and other professionals. We are still in a deep paradigm shift, where the focus is shifting from providing the road and parking capacity requested, to developing cities and urban transport systems in ways strengthening the competitiveness of environmentally friendly transport modes.

The research group Sustainable Urban Development and Mobility contributes with research and knowledge about how different ways of developing the transport systems for walking, cycling, public transport, and car affect competitiveness between transport modes, and thus traffic volumes, greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, efficiency, transport quality and how pleasant and attractive cities and urban areas are.

Among relevant topics are how characteristics of the transport systems and the cities affect whether people choose to walk and cycle, and thus how cities and transport systems can be developed to increase walking and cycling shares. How development of land use, public transport and road transport system affect public transport competitiveness - especially compared to the private car - is another important topic. How it adapted for car traffic have a major impact on land development and traffic volumes. Issues include availability and pricing of parking, including park and ride facilities, and effects of increased or reduced road capacity in urban road infrastructure. We are also engaged in discussions on how to develop relevant knowledge about congestion in urban transport systems, and how congestions could and should be understood, handled and regulated.

There are major research needs regarding effects of urban transport systems developments, separately, in combination with each other and related to land use development. The research group Sustainable Urban Development and Mobility conducts research that can help to answer important questions within this theme.

Among recently completed projects we will mention:

Important long-term ongoing projects in this area are:



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